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Dallas Chef Prevails on ‘Food Network Star’

Posted on 7/21/2014 by with 0 comments

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster watching Dallas-raised chef Sarah Penrod on Food Network Star. Last week, she was lucky to stay after landing in the bottom; this week, she turned out the best food.

Sarah’s new “point of view” (the theme each chef picks as his or her culinary mission) is “Texas.” What is Texas food? That’s almost impossible to define, but Sarah is starting to prove that Food Network viewers – and Food Network Starjudges – might just be curious enough to want to know more.

This week, two teams of three cooked a four-course meal. Each cooked one dish, and the group was charged with making dessert together. And because chefs are in cah-razy Las Vegas, last week’s bottom two (Sarah and farm-to-table chef Emma Frisch) got to be in a position of power and choose their culinary teammates.

Sarah’s group dominated. Dishes included Wagyu ribeye with a manchego potato cake and corn salad with lobster-butter topping from Sarah; parmesan risotto with duck from Luca Della Casa, the Texas chef with the gorgeous Italian accent; and frog legs with cucumber-mango slaw from Jersey shore chef Nicole Gaffney. Dinner finished with Nicole’s toasted marshmallow ice cream, which was served with silly tea light candles that judges were told to roast marshmallows over. But judges didn’t find the candles silly and praised the entire meal.



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