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Infant Girl Has Surgery on Brain Tumor

Posted on 7/14/2014 by with 0 comments

Little Savannah Snodgrass — a 7-month-old Texas girl who was stricken with a life-threatening brain tumor — is “doing great” Saturday after undergoing extensive surgery the day before, and has been moved out of the ICU earlier than expected. The operation came after her health insurance company reversed a decision that had denied her surgery at her family’s preferred hospital.

Following a FoxNews.com report, the insurance company Superior HealthPlan reversed its decision not to pay the acclaimed Texas Children’s Hospital for the emergency surgery, claiming the doctors there were out-of-network. Savannah’s parents fought back, saying the same doctors had been treating the little girl for months, monitoring the tumor and preparing to remove it.

“It’s really been a miraculous experience and well worth the fight,” Tessa Snodgrass told FoxNews.com late Saturday. “She is trying to roll over and sit up already. We couldn’t be happier right now.”

The family is waiting for results of an MRI scan to make sure the entire tumor was removed. They are also waiting for results of a pathology report to see if the growth was malignant.

“She did great,” her father, Travis Snodgrass, told FoxNews.com following the surgery Friday. “The doctor is very pleased with the outcome so far. My baby is doing great.”

He said the family anticipates Savannah will be in the hospital about a week. “The surgery was near perfect,” he said.


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