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Police Officer Saves Woman From Being Hit By Train

Posted on 6/24/2014 by with 0 comments

A Texas cop is being hailed a hero after he saved an apparently suicidal woman from being hit by an oncoming train.

Dramatic dashcam footage shows Ramon Morales jumping out of his car at a level crossing in Richmond and dragging the screaming lady, who was sitting down on railroad tracks, away.

Seconds later, the locomotive is seen speeding past.

The 27-year-old then held onto the woman as he spoke on his radio to stop her from running back towards the train.

Morales, a former Marine who’s only been with the Richmond Police Department for 10 months, has refused to comment on Sunday’s 1 a.m. incident.

Instead, he said praise should be heaped on a passerby who initially informed him about the woman.

But cop colleagues have hailed his selfless actions.

Watch the video here


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