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Trackable Great White Shark Heading for Texas

Posted on 6/18/2014 by with 0 comments

Somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, there is a 14-foot-long, 2,300-pound great white shark barreling towards the Texas coast. Her name is Katharine.

Last August, both Katharine and a fellow great white named Betsy were tagged off the coast of Cape Cod. Since then, they’ve been busy traveling down the East Coast, around Florida, and into the Gulf of Mexico. Their movements are being tracked byOcearch, the non-profit organization that catches, tags, and monitors the sharks to help other researchers gather data for studies of the predators. You can follow the travels of Katharine, Betsy, and other tagged sharks around the globe in near real-time using the Ocearch website.

A satellite recently picked up a ping from Katharine’s tracking device 100 miles southwest of Florida. The tags send a signal every time the sharks surface. If she continues on this route, in a week she will be past the Mississippi River, and seems to be headed right for the Lone Star coast. Another great white, Betsy, was tracked 120 miles west of Sanibel Island, Florida on June 5th. Don’t be fooled by her equally lovely name — Betsy is 1,400 pounds and almost thirteen feet long.

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