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Wendy Davis Finds Campaign Funds Outside of Texas

Posted on 6/16/2014 by with 0 comments

Hollywood loves stars and loves an underdog, and Democrat Wendy Davis is both. At a recent rooftop fundraiser hosted by Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg at the Bad Robot film studios near Los Angeles, she socked away more money for what could be a financially record-shattering race for Texas governor.

Likewise, in Manhattan brownstones, Silicon Valley mansions and Washington hotels, Davis has told her compelling personal story of rising from a trailer park to Harvard Law and reeled in donors. She now has financial backers in every U.S. state and has collected nearly four times as much — at least $3.6 million — from outside Texas as her opponent, Republican Greg Abbott.

The Fort Worth state lawmaker’s feats as a fundraising dynamo since her nearly 13-hour filibuster over new Texas abortion restrictions a year ago have put her in a stronger financial position than any recent Democratic candidate for Texas governor, raising the likelihood she’ll be able to afford the barrage of airtime needed to compete in a state with two time zones and 20 media markets.

“Texas is a huge state,” said Kristin Oblander, a national Democratic fundraiser who helped host a Davis luncheon in Atlanta. She added, “The budgets for these races are immense, and the pressure for fundraising is huge.”

But Republicans are beginning to make an issue of her out-of-state money, and it’s not clear whether the cash will be enough to help her close the gap in a state that hasn’t elected a Democrat to statewide office in 20 years.



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