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Ted Cruz is the Hero of the GOP

Posted on 6/10/2014 by with 0 comments

The last time Ted Cruz showed up at a Texas Republican Party convention, it was as the scrappy insurgent who had come from nowhere to force the establishment’s anointed one into a run-off for a U.S. Senate seat.

More than 8,000 Republicans gathered here again Thursday for their three-day biennial meeting. And just two years after he first appeared on their stage, the junior senator from Texas bestrode the world inside the Fort Worth Convention Center as a colossus.

The story line of this primary seasonnationally has largely been one in which the Republican establishment has regrouped and managed to brush back the tea party.

Then there’s Texas.

This year’s Republican primaries proved beyond doubt that in the Lone Star State, the tea party is now the mainstream of Republicanism. Indeed, the entire Texas GOP appears to have been made over in Cruz’s image.

Come January, barring a massive shift in the state’s political winds, candidates who ran by his playbook will hold just about every statewide office. And all of the dozen or so that Cruz endorsed or said nice things about will have won.

“It’s still an insurgency,” Cruz said in an interview. “It’s an insurgency of millions of people across Texas and millions of people across America who are standing up to turn our nation around.”



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