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Selfie of Texas Man Found in Hidden Bathroom Camera

Posted on 6/4/2014 by with 0 comments

Memo to selfie: Not a smart idea to hide a camera in the women’s room of a Texas restaurant. Definitely not a smart idea to leave a selfie on said camera.

Andrew Crawford Boden admitted to installing a video camera disguised as an electrical outlet in a Grapevine, Texas restaurant restroom. He also admitted to doing the same at several undisclosed locations across the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Police arrested Boden, 64, on Monday, days after police distributed photos of the man that were found in a hidden camera at a Baum’s eatery. “Within hours of the information being broadcast,” according to an affidavit reported by¬†The Dallas Morning News, “multiple calls from the public (identified) the suspect as Andrew Boden.”

Authorities have not revealed where the other cameras were hidden.

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