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Texas Energy Has a Head Start in EPA Rule Change

Posted on 5/27/2014 by with 0 comments

When the government proposes new limits on power plant greenhouse gas emissions next week, the proposal is likely to give a big boost to natural gas at the expense of dirtier-burning coal.

But other non-emitting electricity sources — including wind and solar — also stand to benefit from the requirements set to be announced June 2.

And depending on how the Environmental Protection Agency writes the new rules, states such as Texas and California that have embraced renewable power or boosted their gas use may not have far to go to meet the mandates.

“Some states have made an awful lot of progress, and there are affordable and reliable ways to do more,” said Tom Vinson, vice president of federal regulatory affairs for the American Wind Energy Association. “We don’t know what the EPA is going to come out with in terms of required emissions reductions, but states like Texas that are so far ahead of where others are, and even states like New York that have done a lot already, could be far along the path of meeting whatever the EPA comes out with through wind.”


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