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Synthetic Marijuana ‘K2′ Sending Many to ER

Posted on 5/5/2014 by with 0 comments

Dallas Police and television stations reported on Friday the treatment of 40 people over a 48-hour period for overdoses of what appears to be a synthetic marijuana product they are describing as K2.

Rebecca Lopez at WFAA-TV reported that emergency departments at Baylor University Medical Center and Parkland Hospital saw 30 patients on Thursday alone.

Dr. James E’tienne, emergency physician at Baylor was quoted as saying, “Several of them came in with similar symptoms of psychosis, altered mental status, abnormal behavior — ranged from very sedated to an agitated state.”

Scott Gordon at NBCDFW quoted Parkland emergency physician, Dr. Stacy Hail, as saying, “They’re very difficult to control. They actually have to be restrained.” Parkland treated nine patients on Thursday and another nine on Friday.


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