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Texans Plan To Be Aboard Vessel To Mars

Posted on 4/25/2014 by with 0 comments

Matt Newville and Cole Leonard are different in many ways – Newville is a real estate agent, Leonard is a government employee.

But one thing the two Dallas men have in common is that they both have their head in the clouds, in fact way past the clouds… all the way to Mars.

If you think this story is beginning to sound strange, you’re on the right track.

Newville and Leonard want to be part of a program to send earthlings to Mars and colonize it. That would include a one-way space trip from Earth to Mars that, at their shortest distance in orbit, would still entail an estimated 34.8 million miles.

And even that would be a relatively short commute — taking a mere 281 days at current space travel speed – compared to the estimated 250-million-mile trek that would be required when Earth and Mars are at their greatest distance in orbit.

C’mon. Really?

Newville and Leonard promise they are serious.


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