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Elementary Teacher Takes Child’s Bible During Reading Time

Posted on 4/23/2014 by with 1 comment

The family of a 2nd grade student at Hamilton Elementary says their daughter’s book of choice – the Bible – was an issue of concern for her teacher, and that two weeks ago, during a “read to myself” time, the girl’s teacher took her Bible away.

The family did not go to the school’s principal, instead, reaching out to the Liberty Institute, to convey its concerns to Cy-Fair ISD.

The family wants to remain anonymous, fearing retaliation.



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One response to Elementary Teacher Takes Child’s Bible During Reading Time

  1. On April 24th, 2014 at 7:24 am , Bruce Weiner said...

    We r living in a country truely gone mad not a day goes by that we hear a new violation of the rights given to us by the founding fathers this is a full out war on the U.S constitution in the name of liberalism.I am not a religious person I come from jewish blood lines and I am witnessing an all out assault on christians world wide especially in the U.S I will stand up and fight for my c hristian brothers and sisters the time is coming when we will need to stand together and fight this tyranical government that leads this country threw the gates of hell, their assault on freedom and liberty is coming from every direction, they have the mainstream media and public schools and universities attacking our way of life in a relentless assault this government has divided the country in ways I could never dreamed of in the last 6 years we are watching them steal privatley owned lands, assaulting companies that donate to conservatives, releasing hardened criminalsfrom prison commuting death sentences from brutal murderers in move reminisent of Castro releasing the worst citizens of his country to move to the U.S obama and holder are about to release thousands of criminals.Get ready people the shit is about to hit the fan

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