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Lawsuit Seeks to ID Source of Texas Execution Drug

Posted on 3/27/2014 by with 0 comments

The Texas prison agency’s position that its supplier of a new batch of execution drugs should be kept secret is being challenged by attorneys for two inmates who would be the first executed with the replenished stockpile.

An emergency hearing was set before a state judge in Austin on Thursday, a day after attorneys for convicted killers Tommy Lynn Sells and Ramiro Hernandez-Llanas filed a lawsuit demanding the Texas Department of Criminal Justice name the provider of the pentobarbital, the sedative the state uses for lethal injections.

Sells and Hernandez-Llanas are scheduled to die April 3 and 9 respectively. Sells was condemned for slashing two girls’ throats in 1999; one girl died. Hernandez-Llanas was condemned for the 1997 beating death of a man who owned a ranch where Hernandez worked.


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