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Texas Teen’s Sexual Affair with Married Science Teacher Ruined His Future as a Marine: Suit

Posted on 3/26/2014 by with 0 comments

A former science teacher and a Texas school district are being sued by an ex-student alleging physical and emotional damage caused by a sexual relationship he had with the teacher, reports the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Going under the pseudonym Mark Smith to protect his privacy, the former student filed a civil lawsuit last Friday alleging that he and forensic science teacher Rachelle Heenan repeatedly engaged in sexual encounters two years ago and that Heenan took advantage of the then 17-year-old’s immature and underdeveloped mental state, according to the paper.

The Star-Telegram reports that Smith is also suing Eagle Mountain-Saginaw School District because it allegedly “failed to provide proper supervision, failed to act to warn or otherwise protect young victims and failed to secure the school premises from the sexual assaults that occurred on school premises and at school sponsored events and activities,” the lawsuit states.

The Star-Telegram reports that Heenan, then 34, was put on administrative leave in May 2012 and indicted on a charge of an improper relationship between an educator and student in February 2013. The Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office reportedly said she took a plea bargain in exchange for five years of deferred adjudicated probation and relinquishing her teaching certificate.


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