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At Texas A&M, Life After Johnny Manziel Just as Bright

Posted on 3/14/2014 by with 0 comments

AggieBandKevin Sumlin ambles through the athletic department cafeteria overlooking Kyle Field, which was once a lovely football establishment and is now an amalgam of dirt and cranes and trucks and beams.

Sumlin isn’t building, at least not that part of A&M football. But he walks a few pen-wielding reporters to the glass to inspect the chaos. The palace will be restored in time for the Sept. 6 opener.

No pictures allowed, the sign on the glass warns. Turns out that Sumlin already has a snapshot of A&M that’s high-resolution.

Keep developing quarterbacks, keep getting deeper, churn NFL talent like a Marble Slab.

“How do you move from a team to a program?” asks Sumlin during an interview moments earlier.

The answer is multi-layered but doesn’t really involve Johnny Manziel. He’s not an Aggie next year, you might have heard, though his presence is felt on the television in offensive coordinator Jake Spavital’s office last Thursday as ESPN draft analysts chirped in the background about his pro potential.


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