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Texans Breathe Sports – What’s Sports Life Like in the Heart of America?

Posted on 3/13/2014 by with 0 comments

By: J. Mike Walbert, Guest Contributor*


In the list of the most memorable moments of life, first-time events are usually the ones that rule the top spot. For most individuals, it is the memory of talking over the phone all night with your first girlfriend, or even the first kiss; while for others, it might just be the memory of being enrolled in the dream university for fulfilling their goals. However, for the average Texans’, the sweet memory, more or less, connects to those days when they started playing a sport of their choice.

Texas, the second most populated state in the US, is home to a wide range of sporting cultures, professional sportspersons, and avid game followers or sports enthusiasts. From archery to the epic rodeo, from soccer to horse racing, and from primary and secondary school/college athletics to the most popular national/international sports events, there is a something for every ardent sports lover in Texas.

Living in such a sporty environment, kids generally grow up cherishing memories of their first time moments. From the sports perspective, there are numerous memories that an individual lives as a true Texan. Be it is the day of the first winning touchdown that is marked by running around the ground and being tossed in the air by your teammates, or the day when a marvelous kick made the ball kiss the back of the goal net, it is these memories that somewhat help kids grow up into successful sports professionals.

Apart from the first time memories, there are many other things that highlight the ardent sporting spirit of the Texans. The sports phenomena spans through different age groups and makes things intriguing for enthusiasts in a number of ways all through their life. Some of the things that contribute to the necessary physical and mental development of the Texan kids include the following.


The Childhood Affair

Where the society provides dolls and toy cars for their kids to play with, Texan kids are usually handed over some or the other type of ball to play with. It might be a soft baseball or a soccer ball. Almost every second child in Texas can be seen playing with balls during their early days of life. It is these ball-playing kids who grow up while developing rougher gameplay abilities, and the required strength and mentality to be a part of different kinds of sports.

The Game of Life

Just like every other thing gone bad in life, sports also add some bad memories to the basket. There might be a moment when one missed a winning home run or made the wrong pass that resulted in a defeating goal. Sports tend to bring out the best and the worst in the life of a sportsman and help them lead life in a strong and confident manner.

The Hope Giver

Sports is not just another medium of entertainment, but also holds several important components of life. Sports help them realize the worth of hope and enable them to lead a better quality of life. A sportsperson never gives up the hope of winning a game, no matter how miserable the situation is on the field. One who manages to clinch victory through such challenging situations is the one who learns to overcome the challenges in life.

Apart from this, the Texans often develop the power of bouncing back from every possible scarcity, pay attention to the minutest details, find a probable solution to every difficulty and learn never to give up through the die-hard sports culture they follow right from the beginning. On the whole, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to quote that, ‘Texans Breathe Sports’.



*J. Walbert, a Texan has an innate passion for sports. He claims to be wedded to Texas Tech and routine expresses his love for the team. When it comes to rooting for Texas Tech you can consult Walbert for some interesting ideas. Walbert particularly recommends Red Raider Outfitter to Texas Tech lovers for exciting sports merchandise



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