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New GOP PAC Targets Women in Texas

Posted on 3/12/2014 by with 0 comments

The Republicans have a message for Democrats who think Texas is turning blue: Not so fast — we’re back in the game with a political action committee aimed at wooing women voters.

The RedState Women PAC launches Wednesday in the Lone Star State, Politico reported. And it comes on the heels of a concerted push for Wendy Davis for Democratic governor, as a stark signal of Republican reluctance to cede Texas to liberals who think the time is right for the state to shun its conservative roots.

Ultimately, Republicans hope the pro-women PAC reach-out will resonate around the nation.

“It’s no secret that when Ms. Davis launched her bid for governor, women participating on the Democratic side stood up and were very vocal about her actions,” Cari Christman, the PAC’s executive director, told Politico. “A number of Republican women are standing up to say Ms. Davis does not speak for them. We want to change, revolutionize, the way we communicate with women in this party. To stand up and say, ‘Democrats don’t corner the market on women.’”


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