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Girlfriend of Texas Man Aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight Speaks Out On Pain of Missing ‘Soul Mate’

Posted on 3/10/2014 by with 0 comments

The long-time girlfriend of Texas native Phil Wood said the disappearance of his flight to China “defies logic,” and the desperate wait for information about what happened to him and the other 238 people aboard¬†Malaysia Airlines flight 370¬†on Saturday has made for “one of the most painful things I have ever had to go through.”

Sarah Bajc, also an American expat, has been with Wood for years in their adopted home city of Beijing, where Wood worked for IBM. Bajc sent a driver to collect Wood at the Beijing airport, where he was to arrive home after a visit to his native Texas on Saturday.

“The online site tracker through Malaysia Airlines said it was just delayed; that it took off on time but that it hadn’t landed. Then I looked at the online news, and there was the news that the plane was missing,” Bajc told CBS News’ Shannon Van Sant. “The lack of consistency of information has been incredibly frustrating and confusing. So at first it was hard to know if it was a hoax or not because the official sources weren’t saying anything. ”


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