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ExxonMobil CEO Doesn’t Want a Fracking Operation Near His Backyard

Posted on 2/25/2014 by with 0 comments

Fracking is one of the most controversial energy issues in Texas. The process of hydraulic fracturing involves injecting fluid into rocks and rock formations in order to further open already-present cracks in those rocks—a process that takes place underground, and allows more oil and gas to flow from the cracks. Energy companies have made a big play on fracking in order to increase supply to meet growing demand, without having to invest in expensive or untested alternative sources of energy.

Opponents of fracking, meanwhile, point to research that says that the process is dangerous for a number of reasons, ranging from groundwater contamination and mishandled waste to an increased propensity for earthquakes.

No matter what part of the debate you land on, it’s pretty clear that nobody wants to actually be the one who lives near the site of this type of exploration.



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