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Texas Couples Go To Court To Overturn Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Posted on 2/11/2014 by with 0 comments

Two gay couples in Texas will ask a federal court this week to overturn an amendment to the state’s constitution barring same-sex marriage that has been staunchly supported by prominent Republican party leaders.

Even though 17 states and the District of Columbia now allow same-sex marriages, the activist group Freedom to Marry says this will be the first attempt to win recognition for same-sex marriage in the deep South, where every state has a constitutional amendment or law banning the practice.

The suit in Texas, aimed at nullifying the 2005 amendment, goes to court in San Antonio on Wednesday. It was filed by a high-powered law firm on behalf of two men in the Dallas area and two women in Austin.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, the front-runner in the race this year for governor, has said the state has the right to establish its own marriage policies and will defend the amendment that passed with about 70 percent of voter support.


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