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Video: Marcus Smart Shoves Fan in Loss

Posted on 2/10/2014 by with 0 comments

A college basketball player named Smart wasn’t Saturday night. Marcus Smart got himself good and insulted by a loser behind the basket at a Texas Tech-Oklahoma State basketball game, shoved the guy, now gets a three-game suspension that he absolutely earned. You don’t put your hands on a fan, even one who thought buying a ticket to a sports event entitled him to say anything he wanted to the players.

But the best part of this story is the apology issued by this “super fan” Jeff Orr, who allowed that maybe he shouldn’t have called Smart a “piece of crap.” Orr, of course, is suddenly famous for being another sports fan acting like a jerk, a 50-year-old calling a 19-year-old kid playing college basketball what he called him, and thinking that was somehow all right, all part of being a super fan like himself.

Only it isn’t all right, no matter how often it goes on around you in the stands. It is frankly amazing that more athletes don’t go after guys like Orr. The fans in Seattle, the ones who cause earthquakes and have become famous as the “12th Man” out there, what they mostly do is yell. Guys like Orr call kids names. Or make obscene gestures at them, the way Jeff Orr did with a Texas A&M player named Bryan Davis a couple of years ago.



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