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SpaceX To Build a Commercial Orbital Launch Site in Texas

Posted on 1/31/2014 by with 0 comments

399px-Spx_Grasshopper_02The space company SpaceX has identified a remote spot on the southern tip of Texas as its finalist for construction of the world’s newest commercial orbital launch site.

The 50-acre site really is at the end of the road. Texas Highway 4 abruptly ends at the warm waves of the Gulf surrounded by cactus, Spanish dagger and sand dunes.

“Welcome to Boca Chica beach, Brownsville, Texas. It’s where the U.S. really begins,” says Gilberto Salinas, executive vice president of the Brownsville Economic Development Council. He’s spent three years toiling to get SpaceX to build its first launch facility out here. The complex would include a hangar, fuel storage, payload processing facility, and launch control center.

“Right there,” Salinas continues, gesturing to open coastal prairie, “you would have the actual launchpad itself where [they would erect the rocket] — and then off into space it goes.”


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