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Husband of Texas Women Removed From Life Support Names Wife’s Fetus

Posted on 1/28/2014 by with 0 comments

Before a pregnant, brain-dead Texas woman was taken off life support over the weekend at the end of a long legal battle, her husband said he decided to name what would have been the couple’s second child.

Erick Munoz said Monday he gave the 23-week-old fetus the name Nicole, the middle name of his late wife, Marlise Munoz. He would not say why he chose to name the fetus.

The case inspired debates about abortion and end-of-life decisions, as well as whether a pregnant woman who is considered legally and medically dead should be kept on life support for the sake of a fetus.

Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry and the two leading candidates running to replace him noted the case, but none has called for any new laws or action yet. In recent years, the Texas Legislature has enacted several new anti-abortion restrictions, including setting the legal guideline for when a fetus can feel pain at 20 weeks. Similar laws have gone into effect around the U.S.


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