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Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst Said Texas Public School Teachers Bring Home “A Very Fair Salary”

Posted on 1/21/2014 by with 0 comments

imagesLt. Gov. David Dewhurst said Texas public school teachers bring home “a very fair salary” during a debate Monday night against three big-name Republican challengers in the state’s most competitive primary race.

“At the end of the day, we’re paying our school teachers — when you count in cost of living — a very fair salary,” Dewhurst said. “We need to have better results. We need to make sure that we’re not just paying more money and we need to look at more choice for parents.”

Texas consistently ranks near the bottom nationally in average teacher pay according to many groups that track classroom salaries, including teacher unions. One expert testified in the state’s pivotal school finance trial last year that Texas’ average teacher pay was about $47,300 in 2009-10 dollars — lower than the national average of nearly $55,000, and less than what 32 other states pay educators.

That trial ended with a state judge determining that the system Texas uses to finance public education is unconstitutional. New testimony is set to resume in Austin on Tuesday.


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