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Steven Fromholz, Esteemed Texas Songwriter, Dies at 68

Posted on 1/20/2014 by with 0 comments

642px-Steven_fromholz_2007Steven Fromholz, a gifted and esteemed songwriter who was named poet laureate of Texas in 2007, has died, according to his family. He was 68.

Fromholz’s “I’d Have to Be Crazy,” which was covered by Willie Nelson, was probably his best-known work, though “Texas Trilogy” – an epic narrative centered around central Texas Bosque County – was his career-defining piece, a richly detailed and characterized trio of songs (“Daybreak,” “Train Ride” and “Bosque County Romance”) that was covered by his admirerĀ Lyle Lovett Lovett, who called Fromholz a “friend and teacher,” said “Texas Trilogy” “isn’t a song, it’s a transcendent Texas bible, a local setting with universal meaning.”

“Steven Fromholz and his work will be remembered, enjoyed and studied as music and literature forever,” Lovett said. “His insight into human nature was equaled only by his ability to write about it in such detail that he made his listeners feel as if they were standing in the shoes of his characters, seeing what they saw, feeling what they felt.”


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