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Love Triangle Lawsuit: Doctor Accuses Texas Police Chief of Harassment

Posted on 1/6/2014 by with 0 comments

I’ll love triangle drama involving a prominent doctor and — police chief the doctor filing federal lawsuits claiming the top cop harassed him. While having an affair with a doctor’s wife ABC’s — Davis has that story for us. This morning an all out he says she says love triangle.

In — just filed a complaint lend her Allston an anesthesiologist. Says police arrested and ultimately arrested him unfairly for domestic abuse. All because he says his wife was having an affair with this man Geoff Barnett the former chief of police in Princeton Texas.

Explaining that the people that seems unbelievable. — – is now suing Barnett other police officers and two separate cities in federal court. Claiming in his complaint Barnett used his position to instruct other officers to conduct a campaign of harassment.


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