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George P. Bush Faces Challenge for Texas Land Commissioner

Posted on 12/16/2013 by with 0 comments

George P. Bush, the 37-year-old son of Jeb Bush, grandson of George H.W. Bush and nephew of George W. Bush, is kicking off his political career by entering the race for land commissioner in Texas. By stepping into this political realm, he also is faced with daunting challenge of convincing voters he is more than just someone with a famous last name.

However, even though the Bush family has been known for mainstream Republican ideals,  George P. Bush says he is more of a “movement conservative” and aligns himself more with the Tea Party. To emphasize that idea, he named former House Speaker Newt Gingrich as one of his role models. Bush said he was a strong conservative on issues of national defense and economics.  He joins an ever growing list of Republicans moving more to the right in a state already known for fiercely conservative ideals. The truth is that this will probably be the young politicians biggest struggle in convincing many that he is decidedly more conservative than either of the men who share his last name that have resided in the White House.


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