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Compared to Ted Cruz, John Cornyn Draws Only Minor Foes

Posted on 12/3/2013 by with 0 comments

After 11 years in office, Sen. John Cornyn has amassed an almost unassailable conservative record and a mound of campaign cash. As deputy Republican leader, he’s influential and visible within the Senate.

But for a handful of tea party-inspired challengers hoping to deprive him of a third term, there’s one thing he isn’t. He’s no Ted Cruz.

“When Ted Cruz was ringing the fire bell on the Senate floor for 21 hours by himself, John Cornyn literally scolded him,” said Chris Mapp, 53, who owns a boat dealership in Port O’Connor. “That was really a defining moment for me.”

Like other Republicans hoping to topple Cornyn next year, he questions the senator’s combativeness. And he faces an uphill fight for visibility. On Twitter, Mapp has just 19 followers.


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