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Recent Tax Hikes in Mexico Sends Mexican Citizens to Texas For Their Christmas Shopping

Posted on 12/2/2013 by with 0 comments

Texas retailers are getting an early Christmas gift this year from their southern neighbor: swarms of eager Mexican shoppers.

A recent sales tax hike in Mexico’s northern region has been sending Mexican citizens north of the border — in cars, planes and tour buses — for their Christmas shopping. The shoppers — looking to save money and score on the latest brand names of TVs, toys and clothing — are arriving by the busload from as far away as Mexico City and Jalisco to outlet centers and malls across Texas, said Pete Garcia, executive director of the South Texas chapter of the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.

“It will be a huge benefit for all of South Texas, from the border of El Paso to McAllen all the way up to San Antonio, San Marcos and Houston,” he said. “You’re going to see a significant jump in those shoppers.”


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