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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Meets Birther-In-Chief Donald Trump

Posted on 11/22/2013 by with 0 comments


Fresh from the Senate filibuster vote in which he played a starring role for the losing team, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is in New York Friday to raise money from blue state infidels. But he’s also making time to see GOP carnival barker Donald Trump.

“Mr. Trump is a friend and the senator had some down time in NYC,” a Cruz spokeswoman told Politico.

Trump Tower might just be a normal stop on the road to the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, as it was in 2012. Ev

entual nominee Mitt Romney humiliated himself courting Trump despite his ugly birther-baiting of President Obama. Well, maybe not despite it, maybe because of it. But it did lead to some not-so-magic moments for the GOP nominee, like the time he was photographed with the Trump plane logo behind him, looking like he played for the Trump team and not the other way around.


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