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Shin-Soo Choo Catches Texas Rangers’ Attention After Trading for Prince Fielder

Posted on 11/22/2013 by with 0 comments

On if Fielder will play first base:

Sherrington: “He’s played a lot of games. I think he’s only missed one game over the last four years. He’s out there everyday. But he hasn’t been in the heat of Arlington for 81 games. I think they can get him in there. It depends what they do with the other addition. They still have to add another bat. I think this means Shin-Soo Choo looks like a much better option now, someone that needs to bat leadoff for the Rangers with losing (Ian) Kinsler. I think if you lose him, (Mitch) Moreland has a better shot of staying with the team.”

On how Ian Kinsler will be remembered in Texas:

Moore: “Very well overall. But I think you also get into Michael Young. How was he viewed in the end when he was the face of the franchise? I think when you hit your ceiling and play at a consistent level for a long time but then you have some high profile players like a Josh Hamilton or a Yu Darvish, I think it’s easy to under appreciate the continuity of someone that is very good if not a superstar. You don’t want to minimize losing that.”



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