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Texas Tech Hopes to Reverse the Trend Against No. 4 Baylor

Posted on 11/13/2013 by with 0 comments

Texas Tech hasn’t had much to be happy about during the final weeks of the past two seasons.

The Red Raiders are hoping to change that this year, but the prospect of repeating the past is hanging over a team on a three-game skid after starting 7-0.

Since 2011, the Red Raiders are 2-12 from game eight onward, including their current three-game skid. With No. 4 Baylor on the schedule this week and No. 23 Texas on Thanksgiving Day, reversing the trend won’t be easy.

The players who’ve been on the team since 2011 might have a mental block, Texas Tech’s defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt said.

”I think some of it’s been, ‘Here we go again,”’ said Wallerstedt, the fifth defensive coordinator at Texas Tech in five years. ”The injuries, the finishes to some seasons here in the past, I think, has reared its head, and I think for 18-, 19-, 21-year-old kids, that’s a sensitive deal.”


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