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Texas DMV to Place Holds on Registration Renewals until Red-Light Fines are Paid

Posted on 10/30/2013 by with 0 comments


More than 52,000 red light camera violations in Plano have gone unpaid.

“That’s a concern,” said Officer David Tilley. “We don’t want people to believe that they are not important because they are. They do save lives.”

Tuesday the police department announced a red light camera amnesty program giving delinquent drivers until December 1st to pay up. For those who don’t, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicle will place a hold on their vehicle registration renewal until the fine is paid.

“This particular program will put a little bit of urgency for people to take care of their responsibilities,” said Tilley.

But in order for it to work, the police department needs the countytax assessor-collector to be on board and that’s not the case in Collin County.

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