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The Loan Star State Turns Its Eye to Energy Efficiency

Posted on 9/21/2013 by with 0 comments

In Texas, where oil lubricates the economy the same way it does pickup trucks, energy consumption is no exception to the state’s everything-is-bigger reputation. The nation’s leading energy producer also uses more energy by far than any other state.

As the state’s population keeps surging, demand is expected to grow, prompting leaders to think about how it will meet its long-term needs.

Now, a diverse coalition, which includes renewable energy advocates, city officials, bankers and others, is racing to institute a plan to increase energy and water efficiency upgrades that supporters say could help Texas improve its conservation record and become a model for other states.

“We’re such a big energy user,” said Kip Averitt, a former Republican state senator who is part of the effort. “That means our opportunity to be efficient is huge as well.”

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