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Lone Star State Can Boast 41 Texans on the Forbes 400

Posted on 9/17/2013 by with 0 comments

Congratulations Texas — this year the Lone Star State can boast 41 Texans on the Forbes 400. That’s more than any other state except California and New York. These rich listers are concentrated in our two biggest metro areas, with 22 in Dallas/Fort Worth versus just 12 here in Houston.

Missing from the list this year are such veteran Forbes 400 members as Red McCombs ($1.25 billion) and T. Boone Pickens ($950 million). Also gone is natural gas pioneer George Mitchell, who passed away this year.

Upon learning that he’d missed the Forbes 400 cut (mostly due to soured investments in wind farms), T. Boone took it well. He tweeted: “Don’t worry. At $950 million, I’m doing fine. Funny, my $1 billion charitable giving exceeds my net worth.”

My Forbes colleagues and I are always on the hunt for new billionaires to celebrate, in Texas and all over. If you have some suspects we should look into drop me a line at chelman@forbes.com. (Come on Houston, let’s beat Dallas next year.)


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