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Texas Motorist May Face Vehicle Registration Block for Toll Violations

Posted on 9/11/2013 by with 0 comments

North Texas motorists who habitually drive toll roads without paying will have a hard time getting vehicle registration stickers for their windshields.

Thanks to a new state law, the North Texas Tollway Authority is working with area county tax offices to block chronic toll dodgers from renewing their annual vehicle registrations. The move is aimed at forcing almost 80,000 habitual toll violators to finally pay their bills — some of which top $125,000.

But habitual violators who live in Collin County may skate. That’s because Tax Assessor-Collector Kenneth Maun is refusing to help the NTTA collect about $53 million the agency says it is owed. Drivers who live and register their vehicles in Collin County make up 21 percent of the 79,116 people identified as habitual violators earlier this year.


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