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Why Are Infectious Vaccine-Preventable Diseases So Rampant in Texas?

Posted on 9/10/2013 by with 0 comments

The headlines might lead you to think that Texas is a hotbed of infection, threatened with measles and pocketed with pertussis. And you’d be right to some extent and left asking, What makes Texas so welcoming to infectious disease?

Deep in the heart of Texas and in its extremities, there’s certainly an attitude of resistance to government intervention, as any quick bumper sticker survey will tell you, and that resistance extends to vaccine requirements. Even tracking immunizations itself is politicized, the Texas Tribune reports, noting that decade-long calls from the Texas Medical Association for automatic inclusion in an immunization registry have met with resistance from conservative Republicans.

Texas is one of the states that allows parents to opt out of vaccines on the basis of personal beliefs or “reasons of conscience” and still have their children attend public school.


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