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Experimental Drug Company Refuses to Give “Compassionate” Access to Texas Woman with Cancer

Posted on 9/10/2013 by with 0 comments

An Austin, Texas woman with cancer hopes Twitter can help save her life. It’s part of her effort to pressure a pharmaceutical company into giving her an experimental drug. And now the battle is drawing some big-name support.

Andrea Sloan, 45, is fighting a seven-year battle against ovarian cancer, and losing.

Sloan told CBS News’ Anna Werner, “(In seven years) I’ve had several rounds of traditional chemotherapy. I’ve had two full rounds of radiation. I’ve had five major surgeries.”

Now Sloan’s oncologist says she needs something new. Dr. Charles Levenback, of MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, believes her best hope for survival is an experimental drug — not yet approved by the FDA — called BMN673 — and made by BioMarin Pharmaceuticals. He says she needs it now.


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