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When It Comes to Investing in Energy Stock, University of Texas Knows Best

Posted on 8/23/2013 by with 0 comments

When I look at energy stocks, I love following the stocks that the University of Texas buys and sells.  I presume that they have more knowledge about the industry than I do, as they have connections to the industry.  They are in Texas and energy companies concentrate in Texas, and those companies visit the University.  So obviously, I want to know what the University of Texas buys and sells when it comes to energy stocks.  Forget about crack spreads and the price of oil, I want to know what they buy and what they sell.

A while back I wrote an article and spoke about how they were good at timing some energy picks.  Recently, the University of Texas InvestmentManagement Co. released their latest filings (June 30, 2013 report).  Of the stocks in the portfolio, they sold 1,921 shares of Carrizo Oil & Gas CRZO +0.71%(NASDAQ:CRZO) and they initiated a new position of 18,750 shares of Laredo Petroleum Holdings LPI +0.78% (NYSE:LPI).  Assuming that they held the stocks after the end of June, the timing with the CRZO shares wasn’t that great.  CRZO has risen about 17% from the end of June, and they beat the earnings estimates by 16%.  As a comparison, the XLE (Energy SPDR) rose about 4%.  So although the timing wasn’t that great, it was still a great stock to hold during that time.


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