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Teen Dating Abuse Becoming a Growing Problem In Texas

Posted on 8/22/2013 by with 0 comments

Mayra escaped to a shelter after her boyfriend attacked her and left her upper body filled with purple bruises. “He pushed me to the ground. I fell on my belly and my face,” she recalled. “That’s when I was certain that I had nobody.”

Scared and confused, the pregnant 16-year-old slid onto the cold, cracked leather seats of the white and blue taxicab, her heart racing. She was oblivious to her destination.

“It was a secret place,” said Mayra, now 18. She closed her eyes as she recalled the nondescript building.

“It looked how a regular house would look like at 9 p.m. Only it wasn’t regular.”

Neither was Mayra’s situation. The strange building she walked into that rainy night in 2011 was a women’s shelter in Garland, making her the youngest person in North Texas that year to take refuge at such a location. Like most others there, she had been physically abused by her partner and had nowhere to go.


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