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9 Percent of Texas Schools Fail to Meet State Standards

Posted on 8/8/2013 by with 0 comments

Texas schools returned to the performance stage after a two-year absence Thursday under a new pass-fail rating system that found most districts and campuses up to par.

But a sizable number of schools are struggling to close long-standing achievement gaps between white and minority students – now a key factor in the performance ratings.

School districts and campuses were graded with one of two ratings: “met standard” or “improvement required.” In addition, campuses were recognized for exemplary student achievement under three labels: “Top 25 Percent Student Progress,” “Academic Achievement in Reading,” and “Academic Achievement in Math.”

Statewide, 778 regular schools and charter schools – about 9 percent of the total – failed to meet state standards as did 50 school districts – about 5 percent of all Texas districts. Also not meeting standards were 30 charter school operators.

Many of those districts and campuses were tripped up by the requirement to narrow the achievement gap between whites and minorities. Of the schools that failed to meet state standards, 57 percent missed the mark on the achievement gap measure.

“A transition to a new accountability system comes with a great deal of uncertainty,” state Education Commissioner Michael Williams said Thursday.


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