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Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Fort Worth Family Whose Dog Accidentally Euthanized

Posted on 4/5/2013 by with 0 comments

The Texas Supreme Court ruled against a Fort Worth family who sued for the sentimental value of their dog after it was mistakenly euthanized at a Fort Worth animal shelter.

The case was being watched by animal advocates, pet product manufacturers and veterinary groups after the 2nd Court of Appeals in Fort Worth that said owners can claim sentimental value for their deceased pets, overturning a 120-year-old state Supreme Court decision stating that a person can only sue for the market value of a pet.

But the court, in a unanimous decision from the court, stood by its earlier precedent and said that a pet owner’s attachment to their family pet, while unquestionable, is also uncompensable.

“Throughout the Lone Star State, canine companions are treated — and treasured — not as mere personal property but as beloved friends and confidants, even family members,” wrote Justice Don Willett. “Given the richness that companion animals add to our everyday lives, losing “man’s best friend” is undoubtedly sorrowful. Even the gruffest among us tears up (everytime) at the end of Old Yeller.”


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