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5 Highest Paid Texas College Football Coaches of 2012

Posted on 2/8/2013 by with 1 comment

By: Daniel Wright, Guest Contributor* 


Just six years ago, only one college football coach made higher than $3,000,000. Today all of the top ten highest paid coaches are paid that much in salary alone, before bonuses are handed down. The salaries of coaches has risen so dramatically, in fact, that in 2006 only the top 42 coaches cleared the $1,000,000 mark. Today there are 42 coaches who earned at least $2,000,000 in 2012. More than 65 college football coaches made at least $1,000,000 last year.


The average salary for a college football head coach in 2012 was $1,640,000. The Big 12 had the highest average pay of all conferences with $3,000,000 after coaching changes in the SEC dropped their average from the top spot. The average salary for coaches in the SEC was $2,700,000. This conference includes the top paid coach Nick Saban of Alabama, who led his Crimson Tide to another National Championship. The average pay for a coach in the Big Ten was $2,300,000 in 2012.


While the pay for all coaches continues to rise, there are more coaches on the top 50 highest paid college coaches list that work at schools in Texas than any other state. With the rich tradition of football in Texas, it’s really no wonder that schools from the state made the list.


Mack Brown, University of Texas


The Texas Longhorns paid Mack Brown $5,353,750 in 2012, putting him in second place behind Alabama’s Saban as the highest paid coach in college football. Brown’s Longhorns finished in third place in the Big 12, and went 9-4 overall. It was season No. 14 with Texas for Brown, who has led the team to bowl games in 13 of those years. They’ve also won six Big 12 South Titles and a national title in 2005 under his leadership. In 2011, Brown earned $5,193,500. His maximum bonus was $850,000.


Gary Patterson, Texas Christian University

Patterson got a new contract in 2012, and with it a hefty salary increase. After earning $3,467,926 this season, he is now the 10th ranked coach on the highest paid list. TCU paid out $2,018,362 for Patterson in 2011. The Horned Frogs went 7-6 overall in 2012, but only 4-5 in the Big 12. They finished finished seventh in the conference, behind in-state rivals Texas, Baylor and Texas Tech.


Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M University400px-Kevin_Smith,_Head_Football_Coach,_Texas_A&M_Univerity

Texas A&M paid its first-year coach $2,436,300 in 2012, making him the 26th highest paid coach in college football. The school also moved into the SEC in 2012, where it met tougher competition on the playing field than in previous years. Sumlin’s Aggies made an impact in their first season in the conference, as the only team that could stop Alabama’s Crimson Tide. The Aggies went 11-2 overall and 6-2 in conference play. Texas A&M paid Head Coach Mike Sherman $2,200,000 in 2011.




Art Briles, Baylor University

Baylor’s Art Briles received a raise of more than $68,000 in 2012, when he was paid a total of $2,232,807. Briles was paid just $1,549,396 for the 2011 season. Baylor finished the 2012 season fifth in the Big 12, with an overall record of 8-5. All five of the Bears’ losses came in conference play.



Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech University TommyTuberville

Tommy Tuberville earned a total of $ 2,155,000 from Texas Tech in 2012. This was an increase of $96,000 over the previous season. Tuberville was paid $2,059,000 in 2011, and was eligible for a bonus of up to $1,025,000. The Red Raiders tied the record of fellow Big 12 Texas team Baylor in 2012, going 8-5 overall and 4-5 in the conference. Tech was ranked sixth in the conference.






Bonus – June Jones, Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist gave June Jones a raise of almost $100,000 in 2012, paying him $1,825,089. Jones earned a pay out of $1,727,082 the season before. In 2012, the Mustangs went 7-6 overall and had five conference wins. They finished second in the Conference USA West. Jones was the 45th highest paid head coach in college football.



*Daniel Wright is a blogger who creates informative articles relating to athletics. This article lists high earning college football coaches and aims to encourage further study with an Online Masters in Coaching.


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