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Texas Businessmen: An Inside Look Into Don Hodges

Posted on 10/31/2012 by with 3 comments

By: Robin McBride, Guest Contributor*


Dallas, TX- A bumper crop of talent and interesting people are often harvested from small Texas towns. This holds true with one country town in West Texas… Canadian.  A person of interest from this part of the State is worth noticing: Don W. Hodges. Now in his 70’s, Don W. Hodges, a successful Texas businessman, is not slowing down… not one bit. In fact you could say he is in his most bountiful season. Hodges is active as the founder, chairman, portfolio manager and spokesperson for the firm he founded with his son in 1989, Hodges Capital. Don’s schedule is as busy today as it was when he began his investment career in 1960.


In addition to Hodges Capital, he is being interviewed by Wall Street reporters, busy with speaking engagements, attending numerous board meetings and just recently; launching a new book!


Mr. Hodges recently published a book that is a collection of quotations he personally collected for over 40 years.  The quotes are sometimes practical, sometimes profound and sometimes down-right funny. Hodges wrote Horse Sense. Street Smarts, subtitled “a common-sense collection of quotes about business and life,” to create a book of real substance. His goal was to distill the thoughts of hundreds of bright, articulate, thoughtful writers and speakers into unique perspectives on business, faith, humor, perseverance, and success, and other aspects of daily life. Don also wanted to share a sense of reality and common-sense to students; concepts they could develop themselves over a long period of life experiences. His idea has broadened to include individuals in business and management.


You will find many Texans quoted; from Ebby Halliday, Ross Perot, Boone Pickens to Roger Staubach. One remarkable aspect of this outstanding collection is the diversity of voices, differences of opinion and depth of understanding these brief quotations express.

Hodges said that early on, he started hearing great things being said and just began taking notes. The collection grew to over 224 pages full of those notes.


One piece of advice he remembered from his Canadian High School coach, Otto Mangold, who told his students, “If you have to cheat to win, you really didn’t win.”  Another quote Don recalls from his youth “a liar is really a coward, afraid to tell the truth.” Taken from his scout master, Father John Walsh.


Hailing from Canadian Texas, where Don graduated from high school, Hodges went on to West Texas State (West Texas A&M University).  Settling in Dallas, Hodges is currently active in his community and church and serves on several boards throughout the state, including the W.A. Criswell Foundation and West Texas A&M University Foundation.

Hodges new book is currently available online at HorseSenseStreetSmarts.com and Amazon. It’s full of practical advice on a multitude of life subjects and wry humor, just like its author.



*Robin is a friend of Don Hodges. Mr. Hodges website is Hodgescapital.com and his book website is HorseSenseStreetSmarts.com.



3 responses to Texas Businessmen: An Inside Look Into Don Hodges

  1. On October 31st, 2012 at 11:32 pm , Rob Erto said...

    Great man and a great book.Love the story about his coach…..don’t we all have a coach or two that left an impression on us?

  2. On November 1st, 2012 at 9:44 am , S.Stonom said...

    Excellent book full of great advice and good common sense. “Horse Sense.Street Smarts.” by Mr. Hodges is a valuable resource and tool for people of all ages.

  3. On November 1st, 2012 at 9:47 am , Chan said...

    Seems like a good book to have. I think I’ll go on Amazon and buy it.

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