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Wendy Davis Wins Senate District 10 Debate

Posted on 10/11/2012 by with 1 comment

The Texas State Senate District 10 debate between the incumbent Wendy Davis and her challenger Mark Shelton was held at the Tarrant County College – Trinity River Campus and was sponsored by Texas Prosperity Project and moderated by Ross Ramsey from the Texas Tribune. The issues were limited to economic issues and did not cover social matters necessarily. Senator Davis clearly had a much better grasp of the policy issues and the numbers. This was demonstrated by her detailed responses and use of the numbers at issue. Shelton’s responses seemed limited to generalities and more than one personal attack at Davis accusing her of profiting from her Senate position in her private law practice. Davis would not take the bait and brushed Shelton off by accusing him of desperate campaign ploys to avoid talking issues.


Much of the debate centered around education and the margins tax. Neither candidate supported vouchers, but Shelton sees nothing wrong forcing school districts from having to come up with new solutions by cutting funding resulting in fewer teachers and larger classrooms. Davis pointed out that Texas businesses routinely complain that they cannot find a work force in Texas because of such low educational standards and the high dropout rate.


In talking about the abnormally high incidence of adolescent asthma, Shelton observed that he was glad that one of the biggest polluters, a cement kiln, was shut down recently. Davis quickly reminded him that he had just chastised her for her wanting to impose stricter air quality standards because it would cut jobs.


Over all, both candidates kept the debate civil and calm; however, it was markedly clear that Davis’ grasp on the issues were much more ingrained and sincere while Shelton seemed to just talk about creating jobs and getting rid of Obamacare in general with no real specifics as to how and why.


One response to Wendy Davis Wins Senate District 10 Debate

  1. On October 13th, 2012 at 9:28 am , Pam Durham said...

    Senator Davis’ command of the facts and issues is outstanding. She is balanced in supporting business and protecting the citizens. Her track record in the Texas Senate as well as 8 years on the Ft Worth City Council prove she is a consistent voice for the people of Tarrant County. Dr. Shelton, on the other hand, could not even advocate for the children he serves as a pediatrician on one of the most dire health issues facing Tarrant County families–a 25% asthma rate compared to the statewide rate of 7%. No policy specifics, no facts about what is happening to Texans–just national speaking points and personal attacks is what Dr. Shelton brought to the debate. Yes, clearly Senator Davis won the debate.

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