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Best Barbecue Spots in Texas – Another Texan’s Spin On Texas BBQ

Posted on 10/6/2012 by with 1 comment


By: Ryan Rivera, Guest Contributor*


Texans are obsessed with anything BIGGER and BETTER and the same is true with barbecue. The barbecue in Texas definitely tastes like no other. If you want to indulge in barbecue then Texas is certainly the place to be. It is in Texas that you will find plenty of barbecue pits, meat shops, and barbecue joints from Houston to Lexington.

Texans have different opinions about what is the best barbecue, and in our last article, we gave you the top ten barbecue joints in Texas. Some Texans think differently, and though the list shares some similarities, it has a different spin on it.

If you are planning to have a trip to Texas, check out first the following list of the best barbecue spots:

Luling City Market

Location: 4726 Richmond Galleria area, Houston TX

This barbecue spot was first established way back year 1981. The original plan was to bring out the best of Texas barbecue style to the people all throughout the city. Their mouth-watering barbecue is being cooked in customized pits over oak wood. Their barbecue taste remains consistent and deliciously succulent.  Not to mention the barbecue sauce that is just as mouth watering.

Goode Company

Location: 5109 Kirby Drive, 8911 Katy Frwy and 20102 Northwest Frwy, Houston TX.

For 30 years, Goode Company has never failed to bring barbecue lovers together as they continuously bring out the best of mesquite smoked barbecue.  The success of this barbecue spot is almost parallel to the “fall of the bone” barbecue which is situated in Central Texas. According to the company’s history, when the store was first opened Jim Goode was obliged to sleep outside just to safe guard the meat and the barbecue equipment. Of course, he slept with a shotgun in one hand to protect himself as well.

Snow’s BBQ

Location: 516 Main Street, Lexington TX

This barbecue spot boasts not only of juicy and great tasting barbecue but as well as of great customer service.  The friendly staff and impressive service are just two of the many things that have kept Snow’s fire burning consistently for 8 years.  In fact, Texas Monthly even labeled Snow’s as the best barbecue spot in Texas. The place opens at 8 o’clock in the morning until they run out of meat which usually happens around noon.

Gatlin’s BBQ

Location: 1221 W 19th Street, Houston TX

The owners of this barbecue spot always claim that love remains to be their secret ingredient over the years. But, when you visit the place you will realize that it is not just love that raised them high to the ladder of success but also their quality product and broad knowledge about barbecue. This family owned barbecue house is famous for their tasty brisket and ribs which perfectly define what a Texan Barbecue should be.

Smitty’s Market

Location: 208 South Commerce, Lockhart TX

This barbecue spot was originally owned by Kreuz family who provided best tasting barbecue for 48 years.   However, in the year 1948 Kreuz family decided to sell this barbecue store to Edgar A. Schmidt.  Thus, the store name “Smitty” was coined. Luckily, Schmidt did his best to continue what the Kreuz family had started.  Today, the store still boasts of juicy and great tasting smoked barbecue. Certainly, Schmidt has never failed to keep the high standards of preparing barbecue that Kreuz family started.

City Market

Location: Luling , TX

This barbecue store is not only famous for their succulent sausage and ribs.  They are also known for their lack of knives and other silverware. If you want to give yourself a treat or if you just want to have a break from all the stress and anxiety of modern living, visit City Market and eat barbecue to your heart’s content the old school way.  Make sure to be there before 6pm.

Louie Mueller Barbecue

Location: 206 West 2nd St., Taylor Texas

This barbecue joint boasts of being a winner of the James Beard award. This place continuously serves barbecue since 1949. When you visit the place, never miss their smoke ring brisket which will not only leave you begging for more but it will also leave you wondering just how they prepared and cooked it.




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    What a great compilation!! It IS bigger and better in TX…. will definitely have to give these a try.

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