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Rookie Mistake: Shelton’s Ads Leaked, Davis Launches Preemptive Strike

Posted on 9/29/2012 by with 3 comments

By: Ben Carpenter, Contributor

State Senator Wendy Davis conducted a press release yesterday to explain her concern about false accusations made by her opponent Mark Shelton. Davis rebutted three attack campaign ads that were produced by Shelton. Shelton’s campaign allowed the ads to leak and be acquired by the Davis campaign before the commercial was even aired.


Davis, who has proven to be one of the most effective candidates in office, gives facts that support how the accusations are not true. According to Davis, the claims Shelton made up are patently false, and showed his efforts to use erroneous harsh information to foster disillusionment among voters.


Davis expressed how she is disappointed that Shelton would conduct such a dishonest campaign. “I believe voters deserve an honest debate about the real issues facing Texas families – quality public education, job creation, and government transparency,” said Davis. “My opponent obviously disagrees.” The accusations are found in the scripts of the ads attached to this article.


These are a few of the false claims Shelton made about Davis.


The first script by Shelton accuses Davis being a lobbyist, which would violate the state ethics laws, an accusation that can be found untrue at www.ethics.state.tx.us. He accuses Davis of hiding information from the public. Sen. Davis finances, politics, and decisions are all available to the public. Shelton then went so far as to say that Davis’s law partner, Brian Newby, is a lobbyist and together they own a lobbying firm. This is also publically known to be untrue.


The second script attempts to give a contrast of Shelton and Davis. One of the accusations against Davis is that she receives millions from job killing personal injury trial lawyers. Davis receives her support from a broad base of financial donors, of more than 1,400. In the same script, Shelton states that he “fights for job-creating businesses.” Shelton supported a budget that led to the loss of thirty-five thousand jobs statewide. In the same script, Shelton states he is a trusted pediatrician. Davis responds to this by saying that “Shelton could not earn the endorsement of family physicians.”


The third script and last set of accusations state that Sen. Davis is a  “Tax Vacuum.” Shelton claims that “she voted against balanced budgets and for higher taxes.” Davis responded to this by stating that she “voted against a budget that forced local tax hikes, cut public education, and was full of budgeting gimmicks.” Shelton then went on to state that Davis was the only Fort Worth council member to vote for higher taxes on senior citizens and the disabled. Not only was Davis twice acknowledged by AARP for her advocacy for seniors, she also coauthored the SJR 16 bill that gave 100% disabled tax exemption.


The Lone Star Project said that Mark Shelton is “at least a secondary and probably a third tier candidate going against Wendy Davis. This irresponsible and unfair behavior shows that Mark Shelton is not the candidate that Texas wants or needs. Wendy Davis has continued to show her love and devotion to the State of Texas, a love and devotion that Mark Shelton obviously cannot give.”


Regardless of party lines, this is the biggest race in Texas this year and one we have already featured.  Although Shelton is a legitimate challenger to Senator Davis, allowing the scripts for his ads to be leaked before the ads are even scheduled to run is no doubt a rookie mistake.  Such mistakes could be fatal to his campaign and not even the $3MM that TLR (Texans For Lawsuit Reform) plan to infuse into his campaign will be enough if he continues such campaign gaffes.




3 responses to Rookie Mistake: Shelton’s Ads Leaked, Davis Launches Preemptive Strike

  1. On September 30th, 2012 at 11:31 am , Sharon Coriddi said...

    Thank You Texan Post for your story. I now know how I am going to ?Vote! Thank You Wendy Davis for representing the middle class!!!!!

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