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Texas – The Perfect Travel Destination for Food Lovers

Posted on 9/20/2012 by with 0 comments

By: Irina Chirilov, Guest Contributor*


For food lovers, Texas is an ideal travel destination, as all over the state, all year long, numerous food festivals are held and many locals and tourists take part and enjoy them.

1. Wurstfest is a festival that has made history, being held annually in the last 40 years. The town of New Braunfels has German origins, and for this reason a lot of German food is prepared and eaten in the area. The festival lasts for ten days, and if you happen to be there at the beginning of November, you will delight eating all sorts of sausages. Besides eating, you will also be invited to dance, participate in crafts shows, and listen to live music along with many other fun ways of spending your time. The admission fee was only eight dollars in the previous years, and the kids can enter for free.

2. The Terlingua Chili Cook-off is usually held on the first Saturday of November; it is a four day long festival that ends with a chili cook-off on Saturday. Since about 200 teams compete each year at the Rancho CASI de los Chisos in Terlingua, the atmosphere is fantastic.

3. Floresville Peanut Festival is held in the town that claims to be The Peanut Capitol of Texas. Each year this festival is organized in the second weekend of October. It lasts four days, during which you can play the Goober Games, while your kids will enjoy the Kiddie parade. The categories for entries are: floats, wagons, battery-powered vehicles and bicycles. It goes without saying that all sorts of peanuts, peanut cakes and ice creams will be the main delight for all the participants.

4. Poteet Strawberry Festival is held annually, and it manages to attract about 100,000 visitors each year. And even though Poteet is a tiny town, it has managed to organize and keep this festival alive for over 50 years now. The festival was first held in April 1968 with a single purpose in mind: to promote strawberries. Nowadays it has broadened its purposes, also offering scholarships for the teenagers in the area, as an example. If you get the chance to participate, you will enjoy carnivals, good food and you will enjoy listening to a lot of live music.

5. Not only peanuts, strawberries and sausages have their own festivals; the hot sauce has one as well. It is held in Bayou, and all the sauce makers can enter the competition with salsa, hot sauce, barbecue sauce, Bloody Mary mixes, etc. The organizers love to present this particular festival as being the hottest in the state, and to a certain degree it certainly is; you will be amazed by the imagination of the sauce makers, who prepare lots of various hot sauce dishes. Live music, a creative playground for kids and numerous exhibitors complete the day at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival.

6. Madisonville boasts with its Mushroom Festival, which consists of a cooking contest, a mushroom growing demonstration, wine tasting, live music, as well as nice playgrounds for the kids that are attending the festival. One of the reasons why this festival is being held annually is the desire to help the tourism in the area, and this particular goal was met, exceeding the organizers’ expectations. You may attend the festival freely, but if you want to taste the mushroom dishes or the wines, you will have to pay a 10 dollars fee.

*Irina Chirilov, the author of this article, works as a blogger for Thrifty Romania, a car rental and travel services agency that represents Dollar Thrifty Rentals in Eastern Europe. 

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