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Food Network Spotlights Top Destinations in Houston

Posted on 8/29/2012 by with 0 comments

By: Lisa Forester, Guest Contributor*


Whether you are visiting a new location or are in the process of moving there, you want to know the local hot spots to dine. Fortunately, the Food Network has done most of the legwork for you. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather put my faith in someone like Bobby Flay or Alton Brown when it comes to selecting a place to eat than a random guy that has a profile picture of drinking two cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon on Yelp.


Let’s take a look at some of the establishments that the Food Network and its collection of on air talent visited and recommend in Houston, Texas.


Bombay Pizza Co.

Bobby Flay brought this pizza joint to the masses on the show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.” The Bombay Pizza Company specializes in combining the Italian classic of pizza along with the robust flavors of Indian cuisine to create a delicacy that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Flay tried what the company calls the “Gateway of India,” a pizza that has Tandoori chicken, crab meat, artichoke hearts, fresh cilantro, mozzarella, provolone and cilantro-mint chutney.

There are several specialty pizzas that you wouldn’t normally see, including the “Berry Bombay”, which features strawberries, crushed tomato, roasted pine nuts, basil, paprika, mozzarella, gouda and balsamic vinegar and “The Slumdog” that has pepperoni, Spanish chorizo, beef, Canadian bacon, mozzarella, grilled chicken, jalapenos, red onions and what is known as Bombay pizza sauce. Don’t worry, for those of you that want regular pizzas, you can make your own with more common toppings like peppers, mushrooms, pineapple and pepperoni.


The Little Bitty Burger Barn

Don’t let the name fool you, the Little Bitty Burger Barn is serving up some massive burgers on their menu. Visited by Rahm Fama for the show “Meat and Potatoes” helped put the restaurant on the map nationwide but residents of the city voted it the best burgers in Houston. The burger that caught the attention of the Food Network was “Charlie’s Five-Alarm Burger”, which is topped with jalapenos, habaneros, red and green sauce along with pepper jack cheese. Another major draw for the restaurant are their “Nitro Wings” which come with “Blair’s Jersey Death” hot sauce among the choices for those willing to singe their taste buds off their tongues.

The Little Bitty Burger Barn also has a challenge burger known as the “Double Dog Dare Burger.” That consists of eight quarter-pound patties, 8 slices of cheese, topped with bacon, jalapenos, and BBQ sauce on a bun with a side of French fries. They double dog dare you to finish this challenge in 30 minutes or less. If you accomplish the feat, you get your picture on the “Wall of Fame.”


Artista Restaurant

Another stop on Bobby Flay’s “FoodNation with Bobby Flay”, Artista Restaurant brings a fresh look at New World cuisine to the menu. The brain child of Food & Wine Hall of Fame inductee Michael Cordúa, Artista was named the “Best New Restaurant” in 2004 by “Texas Monthly” magazine.

The menu covers it all, from steak to seafood to chicken. Flay recommended the soft-shell crawfish taquitos, which are tempura battered and include hoisin, avocado and toasted sesame. For dessert, the Tres Leches cake is highly thought of and, on Artista’s menu, it says “everyone should try it at least once!”


RDG + Bar Annie

If it’s upscale dining you’re looking for, head over to RDG + Bar Annie’s. RDG + Bar Annie features a varied menu with everything from steak and seafood to more uncommon choices like pheasant and rabbit. The restaurant was first brought to light on the show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” by host Michael Chiarello. Chiarello was a huge proponent of the grilled coffee crusted filet mignon, which comes with deluxe mashed potatoes that have bacon, chives and smoked cheddar cheese while served with adobo sauce.

It will cost you a pretty penny to eat here but the comprehensive wine list and variety of cuisine make it a must stop for fine dining in the city.

Where will you go to when it comes to dining out next time, be it Houston or somewhere else? Take a minute and check out the Food Network to get some ideas.


*About the Author:  Lisa Forester loves getting ideas on new restaurants to visit from the Food Network.  When she isn’t searching for the best food in town, she is blogging for Satellitetv.com: home of the best deals on Satellite TV


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